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2015 NFL Free Agency (Day 2): The Latest San Diego Chargers Free Agent News and Rumors

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Keep track of all of the news and rumors swirling around the NFL day two of free agency!

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Yesterday was a heck of a day in the NFL, was it not? Signings, trades, retirements, we had it all. I kinda feel like I have a little bit of a hangover from all the things that went on during the first day of the NFL year. What better way to get over a hangover than a little hair of the dog?

Yes, there was a ton of activity in the NFL as a whole, but the Chargers haven't exactly been sitting on the sidelines. They made the Orlando Franklin signing official and they cut Chad Rinehart, so basically they made two upgrades to the offensive line. This is all in addition to the re-signing of Brandon Flowers, Ricardo Mathews, and Trevor Robinson.

Today, we know that Free Agent Safety Jimmy Wilson is coming in for a visit on Friday. Should he sign with the Chargers, he'd be a bit of an upgrade over recently-departed Marcus Gilchrist. We know that Ryan Mathews seems to have found a new home in Philadelphia, Eddie Royal is joining his BFF Jay Cutler in Chicago, and Marcus Gilchrist is schmoozing in New York.

Will there be more to report? Probably, so sit back and enjoy the ride!

Oh, and for some serious hot Chargers takes, these very insightful idiotic thoughts are available for you on Twitter.

Those terrible people aside, the current @BFTB_Chargers Twitter feed is embedded below.