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RB Ryan Mathews expected to sign with Philadelphia Eagles

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Former San Diego Chargers RB and current free agent Ryan Mathews is on his way to the Philadelphia Eagles right now, but word on the street is that it's more than just a visit.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Ryan Mathews will likely be the Chargers FA departure that causes the most conflicting emotions from Charger fans. Many will have a "good riddance" attitude based on his many injuries and early fumble issues. Others will miss the flashes of talent that showed why San Diego drafted him in the 1st round in 2010.  Truthfully, neither of these feelings are completely wrong.

Mathews is now flying to visit with the Eagles, however according to Fox Sports 1 NFL Insider Mike Garafolo, it is more than just a visit.

Most of these type of statements have panned out, when coming from a real twitter account, so an official announcement is expected, likely before the Eagles press conference that starts at 1pm EST. Check back with BFTB throughout the day for FA updates.