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San Diego Chargers re-sign defensive lineman Ricardo Mathews

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The R. Mathews we can all agree on is back in the fold for 2015.

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Gehlken of UT-San Diego reports that the San Diego Chargers have re-signed the R. Mathews that all Chargers fans were able to agree the team should definitely bring back.

Mathews was part of John Pagano's defensive line rotation in 2014 and was a very productive player. Tom Telesco made the no-brainer move today to bring him back for 2015. At this time, we know the length of the deal (one year), but not the dollar value of it. The defensive line had a number of easily replaceable parts (in some cases, parts that need replacing) but Mathews was not one of them. Fans can be happy to have him back, and it's fair to assume that his deal won't break the bank. Mathews is the kind of guy you want in your rotation on the line and he won't hurt you if he has to play extended snaps.