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San Diego Chargers release offensive guard Chad Rinehart

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Well, it finally happened. The Chargers actually released one of their overpriced veterans to free up cap space.

Stan Liu-USA TODAY Sports

The moment we were all waiting for is finally here. That's right; the San Diego Chargers have released offensive guard Chad Rinehart and freed up $3.25 million. Michael Gehlken of UT-SanDiego tweeted the news first:

Why wait until now to do this? The most likely reason is that Tom Telesco did not want to cut one of his offensive linemen free until he had Orlando Franklin officially signed. Rinehart was a solid player in his first year with the Chargers, but he had a disastrous 2014 campaign and was due to cost way too much against the cap in 2015. He may or may not be done as a professional football player (probably isn't) but the Chargers won't be the ones paying to find out this year.

Franklin is the player this move made room for, but freeing up this kind of cap space gives the team added flexibility as free agency continues.