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San Diego Chargers officially sign Orlando Franklin to 5-year deal

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At the beginning of free agency, the San Diego Chargers confirmed what everybody has known for days. They have signed former Broncos G/T Orlando Franklin to help bolster their offensive line.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Well, we knew this already....

Now, here's the interesting part....

I don't think that means much of anything. D.J. Fluker is still listed as a Tackle and I believe he'll end up as a Guard in the upcoming season.

Also, important to note that this is a Mike McCoy signing just as much as it is a Tom Telesco one. Franklin was the RT for McCoy when both were a part of the Denver Broncos organization. It's good to get a guy you know, and it's better to get a guy you know at the position you know him at.

Other than announcing the Franklin signing, the Chargers have been relatively quiet in the first 40ish minutes of free agency.