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San Diego Chargers Daily Links: March 10, 2015

Your daily dose of San Diego Chargers news & notes from around the web.

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Ryan Mathews and Chargers in talks - Michael Gehlken (UT$)
What this all means, well, it'll be known soon enough. San Diego has discussed an incentive-laden deal with the running back, the parameters taking into account his equally undeniable on-field ability and injury history. The coming hours won't lack interest, as free agency begins Tuesday at 1 p.m. PT.

Brandon Flowers: "My First Year a Sign of Things to Come" - Ricky Henne
Brynn Tylar Flowers was born on February 6, the first child of Brandon Flowers. She was born with her father a San Diego Charger, and it was imperative to the star cornerback that it stay that way. "That was very important to me," an emotional Flowers explained.  "She is going to be living in California her first few years, and the Chargers are all she’s going to know.  That was important, so I’m excited."

Futures: Boise State RB Jay Ajayi - Matt Waldman
One commonality with great running backs is something that my friend Sigmund Bloom defines as a 1-on-11 mentality. On any given play, the best runners not only believe that they can beat all 11 defenders if they need to, but they play as if they relish the opportunity.

The Best Clutch Kicker Ever - Aaron Schatz
Vinatieri is generally considered the greatest clutch field-goal kicker in NFL history because of the field goals he hit to win two Super Bowls for the New England Patriots, plus field goals in the snow to both tie and then win the "Tuck Rule" game against Oakland in the 2001 Divisional round of the playoffs. However, as we pointed out in the essay a few years back, Vinatieri did not at the time (and does not now) have the best record when it comes to clutch field goals. He simply has the most opportunities.