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POLL: Would you still be a fan of the Los Angeles Chargers?

Bolts from the Blue asks if you, yes you, would still be able to root for the Chargers if they relocated to Los Angeles.

Stan Liu-USA TODAY Sports

As anyone who has followed the San Diego Chargers is surely aware, they currently play in an outdated, broken down home stadium in Mission Valley. They have spent well over a decade trying to get a new state of the art stadium built anywhere in the greater San Diego area and have absolutely nothing to show for it. Lately, there has been a lot of noise about potentially moving to Los Angeles.

Now, there's no guarantee the Chargers are going anywhere, and we all still hope they'll call San Diego home for years to come. But, we're curious, how many of you would still root for the San Diego Chargers if they were to become the Los Angeles Chargers again. Some of us have grown up in city or county of San Diego while others still have never lived in the area. In the poll, we'll ask you to identify if you currently live in the city and whether or not you'll be a Los Angeles Chargers fan should things fall that way.

Personally, I've lived my entire life in San Diego County, but I have never lived in the actual city of San Diego. I would strongly prefer that the team continue playing its home games within a 20-minute drive of my home. However, I don't think I could stop rooting for them if they kept the Chargers name while only moving a few hundred miles North.

Vote in the poll and let us know how you would feel about the L.A. Chargers in the comments.