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REALLY Early Odds for Super Bowl L (50)

If you are a gambler, you could have wagered on the winner of Super Bowl 50 before the teams were even set for Super Bowl XLKY, er, 49. So, before free agency and the draft, without even knowing what the teams will look like, here are your odds for the next NFL Champion:

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Gambler's Anonymous Anyone?

For the more adventurous of us, always looking for new ways to get our thrills and excitement, what better way to enhance football than with a carefully considered wager from time to time?  Others of you might just get your jollies flushing $20's down the commode...  If you are in the latter group, you need to check out the action going on at the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook!

A story published on NBC Sports back on January 9 reported that the gentlemen filled with wisdom at this sports book were taking bets at the following odds for a game to be played 13 months in the future.  Without further fanfare, here are the odds for all 32 NFL teams getting a Lombardi Trophy in February 2016.

The Odds

1. Seahawks: 5-1.

2. Patriots: 6-1.

3. Packers: 7-1.

4. Broncos: 8-1.

5. Cowboys: 12-1.

6. Eagles, Colts: 16-1.

8. Lions, Saints, Rams, 49ers, Cardinals, Steelers, Ravens, Bengals: 25-1.

16. Texans, CHARGERS, Chiefs, Giants, Panthers, Falcons, Dolphins: 30-1.

23. Bears, Vikings, Bills, Browns: 50-1.

27, Washington, Jets: 100-1.

29. Buccaneers: 200-1.

30. Titans, Jaguars, Raiders: 300-1.

What a wonderful country we live in!  The bookies have figured out a way to even make the offseason interesting!  Imagine if you will, putting the dough you were saving for the down payment on your next car on the Cowboys at 12-1.  C'mon, Jerry and the Boys might as well pay for the whole thing, right?  Suddenly, the status of Dez Bryant and DeMarco Murray's contract negotiations are A BIG DEAL for you.

Maybe you are more of a conservative, thoughtful bettor and you put down the kid's college money on the Pack at 7-1.  They darned near got it this year, right? Certainly they will not pile brain fart on top of brain fart to blow the conference championship game again next year, right?  Now, the question of drafting a LB to replace an aging AJ Hawk makes the draft a little spicier for you!  Truly, this is a wonderful thing!

Some Observations

(With a hat tip to the power rankings.)

  • These were posted before the Colts kicked the Broncos off the field in Denver
  • I am not sure why the Eagles and Colts would have the same odds; the Eagles are wondering who is the QB in 2015 and the Colts are building talent around Andrew Luck.
  • The group of 25-1 teams seems odd to me.  A lot of those teams should have higher or lower odds.
  • Same statement for the next group at 30-1.  I am not sure why the Falcons odds are not longer and the Panthers are not more toward the favorite group.
  • Our own Chargers are in this group.  We may love the team, but to the odds makers, the Bolts are 'meh'.
  • At 50-1, the Bears odds are probably not high enough to entice much action.
  • Of the bottom 3 teams at 300 - 1, I expect that at least one of them will challenge for a respectable 8-8 record next year.  I just hope it is not Oakland.  I would prefer the Jags; they offend me less than the other two.