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Should the San Diego Charger sign Justin Blalock?

The Atlanta Falcons released a very good offensive lineman, and the San Diego Chargers need more good linemen. Is this a match made in heaven?

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Probably Not.

Hey, I'm just giving you my two cents on a big-name offensive lineman that the Atlanta Falcons parted ways with yesterday. I don't think he's a fit, despite the fact that the San Diego Chargers need help on their offensive line.

Justin Blalock is only 31 years old and is a Pro Bowl-level talent, but he can only play Guard and he's more of a power-blocker than a zone-blocker (which is a big reason the Falcons released him). Johnnie Troutman and D.J. Fluker already fill those roles on the Chargers roster, and they're much younger.

As far as the idea of releasing Chad Rinehart and replacing him with Blalock, that will put you in a position where you will have two starting guards that are ill-suited for the blocking scheme that the Chargers currently employ. That seems....not smart.

So, if I'm Tom Telesco, I scan right over Justin Blalock's name and go back to waiting for an Offensive Tackle or Center to be released, but I'll leave it up to the voters....