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2015 NFL Combine Report:Offensive line hits the field for drills

Day 3 of the combine had the offensive line hitting the field for their measured events and field drills.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The combine really kicked off yesterday with the field events beginning. The offensive line squeezed into their spandex and took to the field to run and jump and show off their fundamentals in OL drills.

Results from the combine shouldn't "make or break" a prospect, but if the result is drastically different from what you saw on tape, they need a second look. As the numbers started coming in there were a few players who really cemented themselves, and a few who left me shaking my head and are going to need another look.

Top performers

  • LSU OT La'el Collins made some money yesterday. A few "experts" have repeatedly said he should move to the inside, however after watching yesterday there should be no doubt he can play at LT. He had a good 10 yard split of 1.81 and his 9' broad jump showed the explosion he has. In field drills he was one of the most smooth guys on the field.
  • FSU C/OG/OT Cameron Erving also made money yesterday.  He had very explosive jump numbers with 30.5" on the vert and 9'4" in the broad jump. He also handled all the field drills very well. Another way he made money was from the DL and LB interviews. Those players were all asked who the best lineman they went up against was and Erving's name came up more than any other player (La'el Collins was a close second).
  • Pitt OT TJ Clemmings confirmed what we all knew going into yesterday, he is a very good athlete. He had one of the faster 10 yard splits with 1.80 and had great jumps, tying for 2nd best vert at 32.5" and a 9'3" broad. Clemmings looked good in the positional drills but did show a few (very coachable) technical flaws.
  • One of the fastest risers since the Senior bowl has been Hobart College OG Ali Marpet.  He aced the on field portion. He had the only sub 5 second 40 (4.98) with a 1.74 10 yard split, 30.5" vert, and a 9' broad jump. Marpet is making money had over fist at this point and is securely a day 2 prospect at this point.
  • Oregon OT Jake Fisher proved he is one of the most athletic linemen in this year's draft. He almost matched Marpet's run numbers (5.01 and 1.75 in the 40 and 10 yard marks), and matched TJ Clemmings vert at 32.5".  Fisher also looked great in field drills and in my opinion has secured himself in the 2nd round now. His tape was good, and more important it was consistent.
  • Penn State OT Donovan Smith also checked all the boxes in Indy.  He jumped very well (32" vert, 9'1" broad) and had a good 10 yard split (1.84). Smith showed good movement in drills as well.
  • Duke OG Laken Tomlinson confirmed his rising stock with good numbers and solid work on the field.

There were 3 guys who looked good enough to make me want to go check out their tape based on their performance or numbers. The first is Lousiville OG John Miller. He tested about average in the measured events but he looked very smooth in field drills. The second was Virginia Tech OG Laurence Gibson, he as athletically impressive as Fisher and Marpet were. The final player was WVU OG Mark Glowinski, who the Chargers met with at the Shrine game. Glowinski is a gym rat and tested very well in all the events and didn't look too stiff in field drills.

Big losers

  • FSU OG Josue Matias. Matias put on a TERRIBLE show. I didn't hear any news about him being hurt, but he only ran 1 40, 5.52, and only managed a 17.5" vertical and a 7' broad jump.
  • CSU OT Ty Sambrailo continued his underwhelming performance from the senior bowl. He had average tested numbers, and looked very stiff in field drills. He is a day 3 player.

One of the top OT's UF OT Ereck Flowers appeared to have an off day. He looked very stiff in the kick slide drills, that wasn't something that I saw on tape so I want to go back and watch, but it was strange.