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Could LT be San Diego's best hope for a new stadium?

With public opinion and a public vote 2 of the largest hurdles to a new stadium in San Diego, the Mighty 1090 may have just found an ace in the hole.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Two of the largest hurdles in the plans to get a new stadium have been public opinion and the seemingly impossible 2/3rds vote to approve any new taxes for stadium funding. Well, the guys on 1090 may have just found an ace in the hole to winning over public opinion.

LaDainian Tomlinson is arguably one of the most loved figures in San Diego sports history. 1090 just had him on The Scott & BR Show to ask his opinion about the Chargers possibly leaving San Diego. Greatness ensued.

LT went on to give one of the most heartfelt and honest rants on why the team must stay in San Diego. I'm paraphrasing here (here's a link to the interview) but he went on to say how much San Diego meant to him, how the city basically raised him, coming to the team as a 20 yr old "boy" and growing up as he played with the team.

Then he surprised even me. Tomlinson said that he is willing to help in any way he can to get this thing done and keep the Chargers in San Diego. He said he would come out and help on any team, any committee that he would be wanted on to make a difference here.

I don't know about you but I cannot think of a better living person (RIP Seau) to be the face of this movement.

But it didn't stop there. Obviously they had the same idea I did, and who was their next guest? Mayor Faulconer. After a few questions on his reaction to the announcement and Fabiani's statements today, they asked if he heard what LT had just said and what he thought. His response? "I'm calling him tonight! Are you kidding me?!"

It's still early here, but adding such a respected and loved name like LT to this cause could make a HUGE difference in getting some momentum in swinging public opinion.