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San Diego Chargers Daily Links: February 20, 2015

Your daily dose of San Diego Chargers news & notes from around the web.

Chargers, Raiders propose shared NFL stadium in Carson - Sam Farmer
In a statement given to The Times on Thursday, the Chargers and Raiders said: "We are pursuing this stadium option in Carson for one straightforward reason: If we cannot find a permanent solution in our home markets, we have no alternative but to preserve other options to guarantee the future economic viability of our franchises."

Chargers, Raiders eye new NFL stadium in Carson, officials say- Sandy Mazza & Vincent Bonsignore
Mayor Jim Dear confirmed that city officials have been in discussions with the NFL for about two years to build a stadium along the 405 Freeway, a site that has at least twice been considered for an National Football League stadium and twice abandoned.

Looking Ahead at Center - Marty Caswell
Rookie Chris Watt filled in admirably when he became one of five different players called to replace Hardwick, whose season and career ended after an injury in week one versus the Arizona Cardinals. Rich Ohrnberger, Doug Legursky and Trevor Robinson each spent time under center but none are considered serious replacements to start the 2015 season.

Telesco Dishes on Woodhead, Verrett, Player Durability & More - Ricky Henne
[Jason Verrett]’s doing very well.  The fact that he had the surgery early in the season bodes well as far as the offseason program.  He’ll be ready to go for training camp obviously, and hopefully a lot of the offseason program, maybe even all of it.  We’ll see how it goes.

Many Chargers options, including L.A. - Nick Canepa (UT$)
Here’s how it would work, and don’t for a minute believe Spanos, Fabiani & Co. aren’t seriously looking into it. Spanos would get a plot of land in the L.A. area -- not in the city, which would be too cumbersome, but close (as Kroenke did in smaller Inglewood), where he could get signatures and blessings.