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San Diego Chargers Valentine's Day Cards

Specialty Valentine's Day cards from San Diego Chargers coaches, players, and more, for that super San Diego Chargers fan in your life.

Valentine's Day is tomorrow and we're here to help you! We know you haven't yet bought a Valentine's Day card for the special San Diego Chargers fan in your life, so we made some that you can use!

Check out these special Valentine's Day messages from your favorite Chargers players, coaches, and more!

Mike McCoy:


The head coach of the Chargers may be conservative, but he still loves you.

Manti Te'o:



Philip Rivers:


I have no doubt in my mind that this is the line that convinced the eventual Mrs. Rivers to go on a date with El Capitan.

D.J. Fluker:


I sure am glad that D.J. Fluker is moving to guard next season.

Eric Weddle:


Get it? Because he has a beard? Ah, to hell with you.

Brandon Flowers:


I do! I do!

Qualcomm Stadium:


This is definitely the best Valentine's Day card you could give any Chargers fan.

Branden Oliver:


I'd hate to be between Branden Oliver and his Valentine's Day date.

Steve Williams:


Yes, a little creepy, but it made me laugh. Does that make me creepy?

Nick Hardwick:



Sorry. That last one got a little too real...

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone.

(Editor's Note: This brilliant story idea was stolen from Mavs Moneyball, who also executed it better.)