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The KP Show #11: Wide Receivers in the 2015 NFL Draft

The KP Show is back, better than ever, to discuss the incoming 2015 Wide Receiver NFL Draft class.

We have a special treat for all of you. After a bit of a hiatus, I'm bringing the podcast back to discuss the players in this year's draft. I want to focus on specific positions each week, and this week it's wide receiver.

This week, I'm joined by Matt Harmon who writes at Backyard Banter and does in-depth studying of the wide receiver position. Matt writes up these studies in a series articles he calls "Reception Perception." Matt and I talk about what it is we look for in the position, what traits do and don't translate from college to the NFL, and tie that into what traits possessed by some of the prospects. We also make some educated guesses on how well players will perform at the combine, and just how significant is the combine for the wide receivers.

As always, thanks for listening and we'll see you next week.


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