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Discussing the Los Angeles Stadium Situation

Folks in St. Louis are understandably worried about the potential departure of the Rams to Los Angeles. They want to know where San Diego and Oakland currently stand.

Qualcomm Stadium in 2013
Qualcomm Stadium in 2013
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I got to discuss the Chargers' situation in San Diego with "The Morning After" on CBS Sports Radio 920 AM in St. Louis this morning, with hosts Doug Vaughn, Jim Hayes, and Tim McKernan. We touched on the following topics:

  • Mood regarding the Chargers' stadium situation in San Diego.
  • Why San Diego doesn't have a lot of money (public and private).
  • Why the Chargers will fight any team attempting to relocate to St. Louis.
  • The Mayor's creation of a Stadium Group, and the Chargers' reaction to it.
  • The recently released NFL Memo regarding potential L.A. relocation.

Click Here for the segment.

Later in the show, the hosts also interviewed Ray Ratto from CSN Bay Area for the latest on the Oakland Raiders.

(EDITOR'S NOTE: That intro music is absolutely hilarious, and if Jeff's insight isn't reason enough for you to click, do it for that music. I'm still laughing about it now).