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When I win the Powerball tonight...

The Powerball jackpot tonight is expected to be at or above $500,000,000 tonight which means the take home would be about $250,000,000-ish. If you won, would you use some of the winnings to help the Chargers get a new stadium?

Scott Olson/Getty Images

I am a dreamer.  More specifically I am a day-dreamer.  The most recurring daydream I drift off into is finding a genie lamp.  Of course one of my wishes usually has something to do with a very large amount of money.  Now when I get that money, one of the things I always do with it is help the Chargers get a new stadium.

How cool of a story would it be to have a fan helping to keep the Chargers in San Diego like that?  How awesome would it be going to games in a new Stadium, knowing you helped make that possible, and without you it might not have happened?

Tonight the Powerball jackpot is up to $500,000,000, leaving the take home value in the ballpark of $250,000,000.  That is a nice chunk of change!  With that in mind, I posed this question to the rest of the staff here at BFTB to see if anyone else had or would consider contributing to a new stadium, and if so, what would they ask for in return?

Personally, I thought giving $100,000,000 sounded like a good number, as did almost everyone else on the staff.  What do we get for that 100 million? Here are some of my demands:

  • Naming rights for the stadium.
  • Private box or club seats at the stadium, for life.
  • A percentage of ownership of either the team and/or stadium.
  • Some of the more personal demands were to make BFTB the official blog of the Chargers, and I would personally want a chance (through some sort of internship process) to learn and get a position in the Chargers scouting department.

So... what would you do if you won the Powerball jackpot tonight? Let us know in the comments!