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Podcast: The NFL's Stadium Problem, Explained

John Gennaro and Jeff Siniard sat down in a room with microphones on and managed to predict the (grim) future of the NFL, the result of the league's own stadium issue.

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

It started with a tweet. This tweet, actually.

From that, Jeff Siniard and myself had to dive deeper. Was it possible that we were thinking too much like fans. What if, financially, building an NFL stadium just doesn't make sense for a market like San Diego? What if it doesn't even make financial sense for the Chargers to build an NFL stadium in San Diego?

This is a topic that had to be discussed. So, this week, Ben Higgins took a break from co-hosting the Squadcast and let Jeff take his chair.

The results of our conversation astounded even me, while we were having the conversation. Not only did we uncover some hard truths about San Diego, we uncovered a lot of hard truths about the NFL and its future as a viable organization. This is a must-listen for any NFL fan, not just Chargers fans.

Click here to listen to this week's Squadcast