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REPORT: San Diego Chargers considering keeping Mike McCoy, with new staff

After learning yesterday that the team has hidden preseason extension for GM Tom Telesco, rumors are now surfacing that head coach Mike McCoy might also be staying.

Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

Albert Einstein defined insanity as "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." The Spanos family may just be insane.

WHAT?! So let me get this straight. The team extended Tom Telesco this off season just before the regular season started, but kept it a secret until a few hours before game time in week 13. Totally normal behavior. Now, according to this article from Around the NFL who cites this article from Kevin Acee over at SDUT, a "highly placed source" within the organization saying they are considering retaining Mike McCoy, but giving him a new staff of coaches and coordinators.

I am not really sure how this changes anything. This team is lost. Personnel decisions have been questionable lately, from trading up in the 1st round to draft Melvin Gordon to this philosophy of getting "smaller but faster" while only getting smaller and not really any faster. If you keep both the GM and the head coach, that doesn't change.

Frank Reich and John Pagano aren't deciding when most of the time outs are used or not used. They are not deciding when to go for it or punt on 4th down. They are not constantly dodging accountability and giving non answers to the media and losing not only the support of the fans, but from the performance on the field, the support of the players.

A new head coach not only gives the fans new hope, but also hits the reset button in the locker room. Players McCoy has "lost" get some new hope for the future, while players that still respect McCoy likely won't resent any replacement because with the performance of the team over the last two seasons, being fired is definitely a reasonable response.

A new head coach also would have some say in personnel issues. Yes Telesco is likely still the final authority there, especially with his extension, but a new coach with a new philosophy could at very least provide some fresh perspective and try to pound the table for a guy he really wants.

The excuse for keeping McCoy will likely be injuries and a supporting reason will probably be "consistency" but replacing his staff means at very least, two whole phases of the game will be getting new playbooks, terminology, and formations. Besides, I don't know what about the last two seasons you would want to continue happening other than Philip Rivers.