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Chargers-Broncos Final Score: San Diego Chargers lose 17-3 to Denver Broncos

Once again, the San Diego Chargers offense failed to get going against a division rival. The team moves to 3-9 on the season, and 0-3 against the AFC West, and will blame this one on the offense and injuries.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The San Diego Chargers defense deserves some credit today. In nine offensive drives, the Denver Broncos scored just 10 total points. They scored zero in the second half, and never really seemed to move the ball well after their first drive (which resulted in a fairly easy touchdown).

The San Diego Chargers offense....well, they don't deserve credit. Most of their drives were no longer than 25 yards, and they turned the ball over twice (once on a Philip Rivers' interception that was returned for a touchdown and once on a Melvin Gordon fumble).

The leading receivers were Antonio Gates (6 catches, 50 yards), Donald Brown (1 catch, 31 yards), and Javontee Herndon (2 catches, 30 yards). Philip Rivers completed less than half of his passes and threw zero touchdowns, while getting sacked four times.

Plain and simple, Wade Phillips' dominating Denver Broncos defense is the best defense in the league, and they proved it again in their win against the San Diego Chargers today.