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The San Diego Chargers will lose to the Denver Broncos

If the San Diego Chargers lose to the Denver Broncos tomorrow, these three reasons will be why it happens.

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

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The Denver Defense

Football Outsiders ranks the Denver Broncos defense as the best in the league by DVOA. They're also #1 by weighted defense, give up the least amount of yards per game, give up the second-least amount of points per game, and are sixth in the league in defensive turnovers.

To put it bluntly, this is the best defense the San Diego Chargers have faced all season. The only opponent that comes close is the Kansas City Chiefs, who held the Chargers to just 3 points on offense and won by 30. So, yeah....

Miss you, Wade Phillips.

In the Stands

Chargers fans are, at this very moment, somewhere past the point of angry and into the territory of hopeless and depressed about the team's future.

Anyone who knows anything says it seems likely that the Chargers will be in Los Angeles next season, leaving San Diego without a team (probably), with some local activists throwing Hail Mary passes in hopes of striking some last-minute deal to keep them.

If the players and coaches thought that they were getting a bad turnout from the fans in the earlier home games this season, wait until they see what happens after the Chargers start packing their bags.

The Jaguars Game

Think about it reasonably. If the Chargers were coming into this game on a 7-game losing streak, or a 10-game losing streak, you would think they would have no chance at all against a Super Bowl contender like the Denver Broncos.

So, what's kept the Chargers from having a 7-game losing streak? The Jacksonville Jaguars, who are absolutely terrible. Nothing about the Chargers' win last week against a team that couldn't hold a candle to the Broncos should convince you that they're any better than they were when they were losing 6 games in a row.

Similar, this is the same Chargers team that needed a screwy ending and a last-second FG to beat the Cleveland Browns. Would you pick the Browns to not get blown out by the Broncos? Neither would I.