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San Diego Chargers Daily Links: December 4, 2015

Your daily dose of San Diego Chargers news & notes from around the web.

Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

McCoy Explains Special Teams Coaching Change - Ricky Henne
"There’s not just one thing," McCoy explained.  "When you make decisions like this, it’s not just one play.  It was a number of things, so it was a very difficult decision to make. There are a number of things that we looked at, and it was a very tough decision for us to make as a football team (and) as an organization.

Goodell wants a "better solution" for the catch rule - Mike Florio
The fundamental problem with the current rule arises from the reality that, as applied, it often conflicts with the expectations of those watching the games, and what appears to be a catch ultimately is determined in too many instances to be not a catch. Following the controversial non-catch in the Cowboys-Packers playoff game, the NFL’s Competition Committee considered a change to the rule, but ultimately opted for different words but no different meaning.

Dean Blandino: Rate of mistakes by officials same as past years - Josh Alper
Blandino said he doesn’t believe officiating is any different than it has been in past years and told Florio that the league’s review of roughly 26,000 plays through Week 11 have found 4.5 correctable mistakes by officials per game. Blandino argued that increased scrutiny of the officials has led to greater focus when things go wrong.

Are NFL referees really favoring or targeting certain teams? - Kelly Fleming
According to these stats, the Broncos have had the most one-sided officiating of any team in the NFL, being penalized for 338 more yards than they have benefited from. That is 44 yards more than any other team in the NFL. In fact, the Broncos entered the game on Sunday, going 239 plays without their opponents being assessed for a penalty.

2014 NFL Draft do-over: Texans take Derek Carr at No. 1 - Lance Zierlein
Pick: Jason Verrett, TCU, CB
Do-over: Martavis Bryant, Clemson, WR
Comment: Things aren't always going to be easy when you are dealing with Bryant, but his size, speed and ability to hit the big play are undeniable. Great complement for Keenan Allen.