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San Diego Chargers playing weird retirement game with Kassim Osgood

Kassim Osgood is retiring and the San Diego Chargers decided to use that as a way to try and turn around their current image, after warring with Eric Weddle on a national stage.

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

The San Diego Chargers continue to fight back the haters and prove that they were right, dammit, in fining Eric Weddle. In fact, players love playing for the Chargers! They wish they could stay forever! It's true, just ask former Pro Bowler Kassim Osgood.

"What makes the Chargers special is everyone on the team.  The front office is phenomenal, from the PR staff to the equipment guys and everyone else.  It just felt truly like a family atmosphere there."

I know. You're saying, "Come on, John! Do you have to be negative about everything? Why can't Kassim just retire in peace?"

Because, and forgive my language here, Kassim Osgood deserves better than this shit.

After 12 standout seasons in the NFL, Kassim Osgood felt it important to leave the league the way he came in – as a Charger.

Even though he didn’t officially return to the team, he made it clear he is "retiring a Charger" as he cherished his time with the Bolts above all else.

Wait, he's leaving the same way he came a pretend member of the team? I don't understand how he's leaving the game the same way he came in it when in one scenario he was an actual Charger and in the other he wasn't.

So, that's why the post says that Kassim is "retiring a Charger" rather than saying that he's retiring a Charger. The team couldn't even be bothered to sign him to one of those worthless one-day contracts that everyone else gets.

This announcement and/or blog post is nothing more than a fluffy PR piece put together by the team (likely done for money or some future opportunity with the team) with Kassim Osgood's name slapped on it to try and get people to stop talking about how they fined Eric Weddle $10,000 for watching his daughter perform during halftime of the team's final home game, or how they won't allow team captain Eric Weddle to travel with the team to their final regular season game in Denver on Sunday.