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The End of the Line for the 2015 San Diego Chargers

Bolts Brown Bag is back for more, for some reason, so grab your lunch and watch John Gennaro and Ben Higgins speak angrily about Mike McCoy.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

This may not be the final Bolts Brown Bag of the year, but it's MY final Bolts Brown Bag of the year. I'm assuming Ben Higgins with go full steam ahead with some below-average replacement next week while I fly back from the final San Diego Chargers game in Denver against the Broncos.

So, for this week (and the foreseeable future?), Ben and I will celebrate the glorious end to a terrible season for the Chargers, both on and off the field, and talk openly and honestly about what should be Mike McCoy's final game as the head coach of the San Diego Chargers.

The half-hour show kicks off at 12:30pm, and we'll be happy to take any questions you guys post in the comments below while we're live.

Click here to watch Bolts Brown Bag