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RUMOR: Saints' Sean Payton interested in being Chargers' Head Coach

Could Sean Payton be coaching the San Diego Chargers (or Los Angeles Chargers) next season? That what a new round of rumors says.

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Look, put me squarely in the camp that thinks that New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton plays too many games with the media. Every time his team loses, and his seat gets a little hotter, a rumor or report comes out that the Dolphins or Chargers or some other NFL job would be wide open for him, implying that maybe the Saints shouldn't be so quick to kick him out the door.

This is probably what this report is, but it is interesting to think about Sean Payton taking over as the head coach of the San Diego Chargers if the team decides to fire Mike McCoy in the offseason.

Payton was born in California and has had two go-arounds as part of the San Diego State Aztecs football coaching staff while working his way up to the NFL level.

However, as potential head coaching candidates are considered, it's worth mentioning that Payton is another offensive coach whose offense isn't dissimilar from Norv Turner's or Mike McCoy's.

Yes, Sean Payton coached the Saints to a Super Bowl victory. Yes, he won the AP's Coach of the Year Award in 2006, but he also has some off-the-field baggage and hasn't had much luck in a weak division as of late. Maybe the Chargers might want to examine all of their options before putting pen to paper with Payton.