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San Diego Chargers' Verrett, Rivers, Stuckey named Pro Bowl alternates

The NFL announced their Pro Bowl rosters, and the San Diego Chargers have a few representatives despite being 4-10.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The San Diego Chargers probably don't deserve to have any players on the Pro Bowl roster, with the way that they've played, but this is a team game and sometimes players can be individually great without having enough of an effect to impact the team's record.

That is certainly the case with Jason Verrett, who was named as a "first alternate" to the 2016 NFL Pro Bowl. Should any of the 8 defensive backs on the roster decide not to play in the game, Verrett will get the call.

Philip Rivers, who had a tremendous first half of the season behind a shaky offensive line, made it as a fourth alternate. The chances of him getting the call are a little slimmer as a result.

Darrell Stuckey, who has a reputation around the league as one of its best special teams players, is also a fourth alternate. He made the Pro Bowl roster last season, so this is not exactly surprising.

In the comments below, list of any Chargers players that you think were robbed for not being included on the roster or as an alternate.