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San Diego Chargers place rookie RB Melvin Gordon on IR

The San Diego Chargers' first round draft pick will end his season on injured-reserve after injury his knee in the team's win over the Miami Dolphins.

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And so, one of the most disappointing rookie seasons in the history of the San Diego Chargers comes to it's anticlimactic conclusion.

Melvin Gordon showed off his athleticism for much of the season, and didn't struggle with injuries until this "cartilage injury" in his knee, but it never seemed to amount for much because of a lack of vision and decisiveness.

In the end, Gordon's rookie season was so bad it almost broke a long-standing record.

With just four more touches, Gordon would've had the record for the most touches by a rookie RB without scoring a touchdown in his first season.

That's not to say that Gordon doesn't have a bright future, he still might, but going on IR after a stellar rushing performance by Donald Brown is about as fitting a end to Gordon's season as Chargers fans could've asked for.