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Support your local Chargers blogger

John Gennaro is doing a lot of San Diego Chargers-related things today, and he wants you to enjoy all of them.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

I try to refrain from begging. It's not really my style.

However, today, I'm going to break that rule. You're going to see and hear a lot from me today, and I'd like to encourage you to read, watch, and listen to all of it.

To start, I'll be doing Bolts Brown Bag today on Yes, I do it every Monday, but this one has a chance to be the last episode ever. Next week's falls at a weird time (four full days after the Raiders game), so we're considering not doing it. The following week, I will be on a plane on my way back from Denver during the show, so who knows if they'll still have it.

Point is, if you like Bolts Brown Bag, tune in at 12:30pm PT and watch along this week. If you've never watched, now would be the time to find out what tall the hubbub is about. You can catch us streaming live at 12:30pm PT right here.

In addition, Craig Elsten and I will be filling in for Scott & BR today from 3pm-6pm on The Mighty 1090. In San Diego, you can listen on 1090AM. Outside of San Diego, you can listen by streaming us online or in The Mighty 1090 mobile app. I can guarantee you that we will be talking a lot about the San Diego Chargers, the stadium situation, and yesterday's emotional home finale.

Finally, I wrote a thing about attending yesterday's game, and the tailgating that happened beforehand. You can read it over on VICE Sports.

As always, your comments and feedback are always appreciated.