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Inactives: There are no real surprises this week

The players on this week's inactives list are the ones you would expect.

Stan Liu-USA TODAY Sports

The inactive report is not even close to the real story this week, but here they are:

With Stevie Johnson and Vincent Brown both out, you have to wonder who will be catching passes from Philip Rivers this afternoon. Kavell Conner continues to be a healthy scratch despite being arguably the most effective coverage linebacker on the roster. New addition Jeff Linkenbach is predictably not going to play during his first week on the team. Sean Lissemore won't be available to be pushed backward by every offensive lineman he encounters. King Dunlap, as we were already aware, will be inactive yet again. You have to wonder why he's even still on the 53-man roster at this point. The season has been over for some time and he will be important in future seasons.