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Roger Goodell says San Diego does not have a viable plan to keep the Chargers

While being interviewed by Kevin Acee, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell may have put the final nail in the casket for any hope of the Chargers remaining in San Diego.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

You came here for the Roger Goodell audio, and you can find it at the end of this Scott & BR segment.

Now, here is the Kevin Acee tweet that sent the world on fire:

Listening to the audio, I'm not entirely certain that things are as grim as the tweet makes it seem, but they certainly are grim.

The main point is this, and it's not shocking: The NFL is not willing to wait on Los Angeles until San Diego is able to put together a vote. They want to move on something now, and right now there really are no options on the table that doesn't include a vote.

Now, Carson and Inglewood were projects that got going with Citizens Initiative, and San Diego has the beginning of one of those as well. With a ton of signature, an on-board city council, a bit of luck and maybe a time machine, that could be a way to get something going before the league's deadline of December 28. That's when cities have to submit final proposals for keeping their NFL franchises.

Chances are, though, that won't happen. There's just not enough time. Now the city's only hope is that none of the three cities submit viable plans and the Commissioner pushes "Reset" on his own comments, or comes up with some new plan.