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San Diego Chargers fire special teams coach Kevin Spencer

The San Diego Chargers finally pulled the trigger on firing a member of the coaching staff.

Handout/Getty Images

Ben Higgins is reporting that the San Diego Chargers have fired their special teams coach Kevin Spencer.

Well, it's not the firing that the fans have been clamoring for the last few weeks, but Spencer is apparently going to be the first to go. Higgins suggests that the blocked punt against Jacksonville was the final straw. That certainly makes sense from this organization. The Chargers have had terrible special teams all season and they've hardly done anything to suggest that they're trending in the right direction.

By Football Outsiders' special teams DVOA, the Chargers are 30th out of 32 NFL teams ahead of only the Chicago Bears and Houston Texans. And if you prefer the weighted DVOA (the one that's more focused on recent results), they're only ahead of the Texans. This is following a season in which they finished 30th in weighted DVOA.

Spencer's special teams units have been consistently bad and his firing is certainly supported by the on-field results.

And we have confirmation: