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Injury Report: King Dunlap out vs. Dolphins

The San Diego Chargers are (relatively) healthy heading into the final home game of the season, against the Miami Dolphins.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The end of the year is such a weird time. By looking at the injury report, you would think that the San Diego Chargers had finally gotten healthy. However, some of that is due to guys being put on IR with minor injuries because they're starters with contracts passed this season and there's no point to risking more injury.

At this point, I even toyed with the idea of not even posting the injury report. It seems like nobody is actually interesting in the game or anything that's going to happen on the field, at least from a Chargers perspective. At the end of a 3-10 season, with a month remaining until the NFL likely makes a decision on which team(s) can relocate to Los Angeles, all that really matters is how the players and fans react to what might be the last NFL game played in San Diego.

How depressing.