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San Diego Chargers release DB Jimmy Wilson

After 13 games with the San Diego Chargers, defensive back Jimmy Wilson has been released by the team.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Ho hum.

With three meaningless games left, I'm not entirely sure why this move was made or why it matters (I don't think it does). Wilson has seen his playing time and tackles fall from a high of 7 against the Bengals in the second game of the season. Wilson has barely seen the field in the last two games not notching any defensive statistics in either game.

A possible theory is that the Chargers are looking to try out some Free Agents ahead of the end of the season. It is unlikely that Adrian Phillips will return given his recent demotion back to the PS.

Wilson signed with the Chargers this offseason after having spent the previous 4 years in the Miami Dolphins organization. Wilson has amassed 197 tackles, with 3 sacks and 5 interceptions during his career.

Cutting Wilson will free up $2M for next year.


Adrian Phillips will be coming back: