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Inactives: Philip Rivers will be active to start the game

With this week's injured reserve additions, the Chargers' inactives don't tell the whole story

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Well, for those that are "down with the tank," today's inactives are mostly positive.

With Stevie Johnson and Dontrelle Inman inactive, that leaves the San Diego Chargers' a little on the thin side at receiver. Malcom Floyd, Javontee Herndon, Vincent Brown, and Tyrell Williams aren't the receiver corps the Chargers planned on having active on game days back in August. By most reports, Philip Rivers (who is active) is quite sick.

Given where we are in the season, you have to wonder if Rivers is going to be asked to play the entire game. For his sake, you rather hope not.

For some reason, Donald Butler is active and Kavell Conner is inactive. I know that losing is better for the future of the organization right now, but this continued insistence on wasting an active roster spot on Butler can't really be helping anyone.

As far as the Chiefs go, they have one interesting name on their inactive list.

Justin Houston is one of the best pass rushers in the NFL, and hopefully his absence saves Rivers from some punishment.