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The San Diego Chargers will win against the Kansas City Chiefs

If the San Diego Chargers find a way to pull off the upset in Kansas City against the Chiefs, these three reasons will be why it happened.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

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Eric Weddle

For the first time, maybe all season, Eric Weddle looks healthy. The San Diego Chargers All-Pro Safety is running around at full speed, throwing himself into tackles, making plays in coverage, and showing the league why he'll be able to demand top dollar on the free agent market this year.

Weddle has tortured the Chiefs more than once in his career, and his play could be the difference between the Kansas City offense being stagnant or being stellar on Sunday.

Jason Verrett

It's been weird to watch this Chargers defense all season long, because there have been times when literally the only thing that didn't work for opposing team was when they threw at Jason Verrett. And yet, they would still throw at Jason Verrett. Not often, but often enough to get Verrett 2 interceptions and 9 defended passes.

Verrett will likely be glued to Jeremy Maclin in this game, taking away Alex Smith's favorite (only?) deep threat. Let's hope that Smith tests him.

Denzel Perryman

The rookie LB has quickly become a standout player on defense, stealing the starting ILB spot away from Donald Butler since the bye week. He's gotten more snaps in every game since the bye, and has been better in every game too.

The thing that double-digit underdogs need to pull off upsets like this? Turnovers. Weddle, Verrett, and Perryman can create turnovers. If that happens, and if Philip Rivers and Melvin Gordon can keep from turning the ball over, the Chargers will have a puncher's chance.