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Chargers vs. Broncos Film Study

Here are the plays that the San Diego Chargers players and coaches are looking at after the team's loss to the Denver Broncos last Sunday.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

First Quarter

Melvin Ingram and Manti Te'o get lost

Denzel Perryman locates ball and attacks

Ingram missed tackle

Ingram gets down line, makes stop

Secondary breakdown leaves Thomas open

Orlando Franklin pushed back into Rivers

Kenny Wiggins lets Wolfe get into body and gets pushed back into Rivers

Hit on Dontrelle Inman forces incompletion

Quick hips shown by Jason Verrett to turn and run with Sanders. Elite talent

Chris Hairston gets beat, but Melvin Gordon should've chipped

Trevor Robinson blown back

Jahleel Addae hit forces incompletion

Franklin gets beat, forces hurried throw that leads to INT

Second Quarter

Tyreek Burwell blown back

Damion Square splits double team, makes tackle

Ricardo Mathews run stop

Perryman hit

Eric Weddle hit forces 4th down inside red zone

Franklin beat and hold. Ankle injury could be limiting him

Good job by Franklin getting to the second level on Gordon run

Ladarius Green beat. Has to put more of an effort in here

Donald Brown catch and run

Wiggins beat

Wiggins beat again

Weddle drops INT and potential TD

Third Quarter

Ingram hit

Gordon showing his patience, vision, and open field ability

Kyle Emanuel run stop

Ingram hesitation move beats tackle for sack

Malcom Floyd catch and fumble

Perryman prevents big play

Te'o beat in coverage

Kendall Reyes QB hit

Verrett INT

Franklin pushed back into Rivers

Corey Liuget takes on double team, leaving Donald Butler free to make tackle behind line

Fourth Quarter

Attaochu missed tackle/Addae hit

Mathews fires off snap to make stop behind line

Liuget beats Mathis and gets the QB hit

Hairston and Franklin beat for sack

Weddle read and hit to force 4th down

Burwell beat

Burwell beat again

Ryan Carrethers stays on feet, and helps make the stop

Tough day for the rookie as he gets beat by Ray to end the game