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Scouting Potential Free Agents – Chicago Bears Edition

With 2015 being a lost season, guessing at which players we’ve never heard of will contribute to another Bolt loss is no longer entertaining. We can now turn our attention to guys on the other team that can come in next March or April and help make 2016 a better year.

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The Bolts can now safely play out the string on a season that has ended with losses in three games that they just weren't quite good enough to win.  Farewell, UBICs, hello potential Bolts next season!  So, which guys might want to leave the Windy City for America's Finest City?

(All of Chicago's impending free agents are listed on Sportrac.)

Alshon Jeffery - This player will be one of the most sought after Free Agents available in 2016.  Jeffrey is a tall (6'4"), solid (230 pounds), fast WR that can take the top off of a defense and score from anywhere on the field.  He averages nearly 15 yards per reception and is getting 113 receiving yards per game this season so far.  He is a clear #1 receiver and solidly inside the top 10 of the league's wideouts.  Expect the Bears to make re-signing him a priority this offseason.

Sam Acho - A career back-up, this former 4th round pick flashed potential with the Arizona Cardinals, but has not been able to become anything more than a journeyman level player.  He would make economical depth, with some pass rush ability.

Matt Forte - GM's will probably be reluctant to sign a 30 year old running back that is starting to show a lot of wear and tear.  Forte is versatile, and he will probably be willing to sign for a modest level of money (say comparable to Donald Brown money).  This is probably not a direction the Bolts want to go.

Ryan Mundy - The Chargers will have a large void to fill at safety next season.  Mundy is in NO WAY comparable to Weddle and is 30 years old himself.  He will be fresh, as he is currently on the IR with a hip injury.  He had some decent productivity over the last couple of seasons.  He might be worth taking a look at for affordable journeyman level help in defensive backfield.

There is really not too much else on the URFA list for the Bears in this offseason.  The talent level for Chicago is about where you would expect 2-5 team to be.  If you think there are other Chicago Bear players that become unrestricted free agents in 2016 that you think I am overlooking, please let us all know in the comments.