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FILM STUDY: Chargers lose to Ravens on the road

Some things went well, some things didn't, in the end enough went wrong for the Chargers. Here are the plays that led to the Chargers' demise in Baltimore on Sunday.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

First Quarter

Trevor Robinson beat

Jason Verrett reads the screen, gets around block, and makes the stop

Donald Butler and Melvin Ingram combine for the sack

Verrett makes the stop on the screen again

Verrett misplays ball

Kyle Emanuel bites, loses contain

Dumervil wins the leverage battle against an off balance, lunging Chris Hairston

Second Quarter

Joe Barksdale late on assignment

Chargers rush 6, but Joe Flacco still gets a relatively clean pocket

Half hearted effort by Donald Butler throughout this play

Jimmy Wilson confused, then gets taken out by his own teammate, leading to an easy TD

Good pull block by Kenny Wiggins

Trevor Robinson tossed aside by a linebacker

Danny Woodhead avoids first defender, picks up first down

Third Quarter

Great power shown by Ryan Carrethers (probably got away with hands to the face though)

Melvin Ingram and Jerry Attaochu combine for the sack

Sean Lissemore makes stop. Missed chop block vs Carrethers

Kendall Reyes sack

Jahleel Addae will always be physical. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. This was good

Fourth Quarter

Spread offense working all game yet the Chargers go with a predictable short yardage formation and play

Quick read by Donald Butler

Jacoby Jones lets ball fall, losing field position and all the momentum the team had. If there was one play that stood out above the rest, it was this one

Brandon Flowers lost

Don't know what Philip Rivers was thinking here

Barksdale false start costs team a first down on a drive that ended in a game tying FG

Malcom Floyd has to be more aware here as Rivers was trying to hit the back shoulder pass

Addae missed tackle puts Ravens in field goal position to win the game