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Fine, I'm back in on the Chargers (for a week)

Rooting against your team is hard. Any glimmer of hope can turn it all around, and least for a little while.

Jim Steve-USA TODAY Sports

I know that the San Diego Chargers are 3-8. I know that, even if they win all or most of their games for the rest of the regular season, making the NFL Playoffs is a huge long shot for them. That being said, until they lose a 9th game, I'm going back to rooting for them to win.

Going back a few weeks, I've been using the Chargers' record as a way to negotiate my feelings. "Sure, the Chargers lost...but that's good for draft position!" It kept me from being too bummed out about the current version of the team.

Yesterday, I gave in completely. During the game, I rooted for the Jacksonville Jaguars to win and for the San Diego Chargers to lose. It was tough. It broke my heart a little bit. And, just like when I gave in and rooted for the Kansas City Chiefs against the Chargers during the 1-15 Chargers season, I was made to be the fool once more.

Maybe it's because Mike McCoy let his guys have a little fun. Maybe it's because he decided to go for it on 4th & 7, and I'm convinced that he's not stupid enough to glean something from that instance. Maybe it's just because it's been so long since the Chargers have had a season this hopeless, I don't know how to do it well.

Either way, I'm back on the Chargers bandwagon. I'm back rooting for wins. I'm back looking at ways in which the 8-8 Chargers can sneak into the playoffs.

All of that will probably be crushed next Sunday, when the very-very-good Denver Broncos travel to San Diego to take on Mike McCoy's team. Then I'll give in and start rooting for Chargers losses again. However, if the Chargers can somehow find a way to upset the Broncos next week and the Chiefs the week after....well, that's when things could get very interesting.

So, what say you? Did the win pull you back in the way it did for me? Did you never jump to the dark side? Are you still rooting for Chargers losses? Let us know in the comments below.