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San Diego Chargers Cut WR/KR Jacoby Jones

The San Diego Chargers have finally admitted their mistake and cut Jacoby Jones.

Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

Today has been saved. After all the bad news Charger fans have been subjected too today, finally some good(ish) news. The team has finally admitted their mistake and released Jacoby Jones.

The team promoted Javontee Herndon from the practice squad today, a WR who also showed some promise in the return game during the preseason, he will likely take over return duties.

The team had hoped Jacoby would provide a spark in the return game this season, however between his injury early in the season and the poor blocking on special teams, he never got going in the return game. This was compounded this week when Jacoby made a very poor decision to not fair catch a punt that then took a Ravens bounce and pinned the Chargers inside their own 5. He also never contributed on offense even with multiple WR's going down with injury at various points in the first 8 games.

Though the team didn't make any trades at the deadline, it looks as if the team is going to take a long look at what the young players they have on the roster can do, so they have a better idea of where they need to start looking to fill in the off-season.