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With Keenan Allen heading to IR, Chargers make a pair of moves

With Keenan Allen headed to the IR, ending what was looking like a stellar season for the young WR, the Chargers have made a pair of moves.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Keenan Allen was on pace for his best season as a pro, and would have finished as one of the top WR's in the NFL this season. With Allen headed to the IR, the Chargers have made a pair of moves.

Dreamius was with the team this offseason and placing him on the practice squad adds a little insurance with Branden Oliver suffering from turf toe. Meanwhile Javontee Herndon FINALLY gets promoted to the active roster, but sadly it is not to replace Jacoby Jones. Herndon should see some snaps on offense, as at this point he is a better receiving option than Jones. Herndon could also start stealing some return snaps if Jones continues to be less effective than kneeling. Fingers crossed on that one.