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San Diego Chargers WR Keenan Allen could be out for the season

After suffering a lacerated kidney against the Baltimore Ravens, the remainder of the 2015 season is in jeopardy for San Diego Chargers WR Keenan Allen.

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Here's some bad news.

First of all, in the grand scheme of things, this is kind of okay. I even said in my original post about this kidney injury that the team might just hold him out for the rest of the season since these games are kind of meaningless anyway (or, at least, I said the team could evaluate their stance on that after the game against the Chicago Bears on Monday).

Second, kidney procedures are not exactly the type of thing you just get up and play football after. These are vital organs that now have stitches in them. Keenan Allen will likely be on bed rest for a few weeks and should probably take it easy for a few weeks after that. Why not just give him the extra time?

Third, what the hell is wrong with the San Diego Chargers? First, they fly cross-country with a very obviously concussed Kris Dielman, he has a seizure on the plane, and they end his career. Then, they fly back from Denver with a very obviously concussed Jahleel Addae, and he ends up missing more than a month's worth of games. Now, they fly cross-country with a very injured Keenan Allen and he ends up in the hospital with a lacerated kidney, having a procedure done that will likely cost him the entire second half of the season.

Way to take care of your guys and show that their health is your number one priority, Chargers. Good luck signing a free agent ever again.