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Chargers-Jaguars Final Score: San Diego Chargers end losing streak with 31-25 road win

After six consecutive losses, the San Diego Chargers finally played a good game and ended up with a lopsided road win over the Jaguars in Jacksonville.

Jim Steve-USA TODAY Sports


Just when I was ready to get down with the tank, and root for the San Diego Chargers to lose the rest of their games to solidify the #1 overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, Mike McCoy and his coaching staff finally finds a gameplan that works.

Either that, or the Jacksonville Jaguars are really bad. That might actually be the likeliest option, because it is not as if the Chargers didn't make a lot of foolish mistakes.

For instance, here's Melvin Gordon spinning multiple times behind the line of scrimmage while surrounded by defenders:

And here's Eric Weddle giving around 50% effort:

Yeah, the Jaguars probably could've beaten the Chargers, but at the end of the day they didn't.

Blake Bortles didn't play nearly as well as Philip Rivers did, never finding the right balance between cautious and risky. T.J. Yeldon and the rest of the Jaguars offense couldn't really get anything going. Most importantly, the Jaguars' secondary did almost nothing to stop or even slow down the Chargers' passing attack.

In a perfect world, the Chargers still have a chance at 8-8 and maybe an outside chance at the playoffs. In the real world, we should take this game for what it is: One bad team beating another bad team.