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Open Thread: San Diego Chargers at Jacksonville Jaguars, 1st Half

The 2-8 San Diego Chargers travel to Florida to take on the 4-6 Jacksonville Jaguars in a game that only fans of these two teams will be watching.

Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

You may be wondering why I wrote the "Chargers Will Lose" post this week without the "Chargers Will Win" follow-up.

Well, I tried. I really did. I tried to come up with three reasons that the Chargers might travel to Jacksonville and beat the Jaguars for their first road victory of the season.

I got to about one and a half. My first reason is that the Jaguars are not very good and that their record is a bit of a mirage. The second was "You never know, crazy things happen." Not a good reason, but a reason nonetheless.

When it came to my third reason....well, I had none. All of the Jaguars' weaknesses are matched by Chargers weaknesses. There are no returning players that could boost San Diego to a better performance than what we've seen. There's no reason, or hope, that these players will give it their all to try and save the job of whomever.

So, color me surprised if San Diego pulls this one out. In the meantime, I'll be drinking with breakfast and thinking about the 2016 NFL Draft.