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Five Jacksonville Jaguars Questions with Big Cat Country

Ryan Day from Big Cat Country joins us to help us learn more about the Jacksonville Jaguars and to help teach us the ways of a lost NFL season.

Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports
1. Now that you've graduated to the point where your team is still relevant with just a month and a half left in the season, could you share with Chargers fans how we're supposed to pass the time while we're out of it with a lameduck coach?

Beer? I'm still there too because I don't know how to feel. We're 4-6 in the worst division in football and somehow in the playoff hunt. I don't think we'll make it there, but for the first time since I've been writing for Big Cat Country, we're playing meaningful football.

In the past, when it's Week 8 or Week 9 and we're mathematically eliminated, we just treat remaining games like they're preseason games. We find key players we know will be back next year and chart their progress. We then pray their progress can be maximized while still losing games for optimum draft picks. It's really awful and our thoughts and prayers are with you.

2. Has the Jaguars recent winning surge been entirely the result of an easier schedule, or is the team starting to come together under Gus Bradley?

It's been entirely the work of bad referees in Baltimore and our best punt return in five years against Tennessee. The game against the Ravens should have ended on a false start by Luke Joeckel before the last play even began and Rashad Greene saved our ass and redeemed a stellar defensive performance on Thursday Night Football.

As far as the team coming together under Gus Bradley, I think they've always been there... it's just that the talent hasn't. Now we have playmakers on this team and an easier-than-assumed schedule over the rest of the season is going to make it look like Bradley has created a winning culture. Whether he has or not will be answered next year when everything evens out and we stop catching the most ridiculous breaks I've ever seen a football team catch.

3. Denard Robinson is maybe the most interesting player in the entire league to me, but he almost never does anything successfully. What's his role this year, and will he ever break out at any particular position?

His role before the season began was to be a guy who would have special packages and plays built around him. He was supposed to be a wild card, the "offensive weapon" that Dave Caldwell drafted him to be.

But, unfortunately, he hasn't been that good and injuries -- as well as rookie T.J. Yeldon being a more-than-serviceable starter -- has limited his impact, which is probably for the best. I don't foresee Denard breaking out at any one position, but rather moved around the field and making impacts in whatever creative ways offensive coordinator Greg Olson can dream up. Now that he's played in three consecutive games for the first time all year, I think we'll start to see those.

4. Name one player that the Chargers fans probably don't know on the Jaguars roster who will have a big impact on the result of the game.

I said Rashad Greene last week and boy was I right. I want to say Greene again, but for the sake of being a little different, I'd say rookie right guard A.J. Cann. He's been improving as the weeks have gone on and I think he's going to be pivotal to any effort by Yeldon to take advantage of a weak Chargers run defense.

5. Obligatory game prediction.

Jaguars win 30-21.