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Scouting Potential Free Agents – Jacksonville Jaguars Edition

The Jaguars are a team that seems to be as beset by hard times as any other in the league. Still, there is some talent here and some of it will hit the free agent market next March. Could any of that talent help the Chargers win some games in 2016?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

All of Jacksonville's impending free agents are listed on Sportrac.

Marcedes Lewis - TE (31) Lewis cost the Jaguars $3.8 Million this year.  This is on top of the guys they signed to play TE (Harbor and Thomas).  It is likely that they let Lewis walk, but given his age, injury history, and production level, he is probably not somebody that the Bolts should be interested in.  Of course, with no TE's signed for 2016, the Chargers may be willing to consider just about anyone that can play, if the price is right.  Still, given age and injury history, I would avoid Lewis.

Stefen Wisniewski - C (26) If this name looks familiar, a hat tip for you for your memory and knowledge.  Wisniewski was discussed as a potential FA for the Bolts last year, but the team was apparently not interested.  Instead, the former Raider was signed to a one year $2.5 Million contract by the Jags.  He hits the market again this year.  He has not done anything to diminish his value this season.  Given the performance of the men the Bolts have used to try and fill Hardwick's cleats, Wisniewski is certainly worth talking to.  In fact, if I was the Bolts GM, I would make a serious run at him, given the alternatives.

Clay Harbor - TE (28) Harbor had adequate production for the Jags as a back-up and is still under 30.  If the Bolts do look to get what seems to be a large hole at TE in 2016 filled via free agency, Harbor is certainly a viable candidate.  He cost the Jaguars $1.5 Million this season.  He should be affordable to a team that is willing to give him what will probably be the last decent contract of his career.

Andre Branch - DE (26) Branch is a bit of a puzzle.  In the 2012 draft, he was thought to be one of the better pass rushers out there.  He dropped to Jacksonville in the 2nd round.  For some peculiar reason, while he was projected to be an OLB in the NFL, the Jags have had branch playing with his hand in the dirt for most of his career.  At 265 pounds, he is not a every down DE, as he can get shoved off the line by larger tackles.  His best production was in 2013, when he was a situational pass rusher and recorded 6 sacks.  His career production indicates potential OLB depth if a team is willing to develop him a little more and pay him 1.5 - 2 Million for another 3 or 4 years.

Bryan Anger - P (27) With the eroding production of Scifres, the Bolts might want to consider luring the experienced Anger away from north Florida for Southern California.  The Jags are paying him $875,000 this year.

Bernard Pierce - RB (25) Once thought to be the possible replacement for Ray Rice in Baltimore, Pierce failed dismally as a starter and has not been able to see the field for the Jaguars.  Avoid.

The remainder of the Jaguars FA's are either restricted or exclusive rights FA's.  I left off discussing Chad Henne due to hit the market, because, why?