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Rookie Running Back Rankings - NFL Week 11

We take a look at how the rookie running backs have done through week 11 of the NFL season.

Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

After a multi-week hiatus, Rookie Running Back Rankings are back and just as depressing as ever for fans of the San Diego Chargers. Sometimes you wish the Chargers had kept an undrafted free agent running back just so that they'd have one guy not in last place in these rankings. That was not to be, however, so without further ado here are this week's rankings:


That Thomas Rawls, an undrafted free agent, tops this list rubs an extra bit of salt in the wound that is the Melvin Gordon experience. Not all of the players ahead of Gordon have even been good, but all except one of them came much, much cheaper. Hopefully, next year's coaching staff can find a way to get Gordon going because this year's crew clearly has no ideas that work. It's possible that this is as much about Gordon's many failings as a running back, but there's at least a chance that Frank Reich and Mike McCoy are holding him back just as much.