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Squadcast: Mike McCoy Needs To Learn How To Have Fun

The San Diego Chargers have a lot of problems, and may not win again this season, but the biggest thing wrong with the team has more to do with their level of fun than their actual discipline and execution.

Brian Bahr/Getty Images

The San Diego Chargers are terrible. We need a distraction. So, after stumbling through some talk about the team's pathetic performance this year, and specifically against the Kansas City Chiefs, Ben Higgins and I settled on a good idea to distract us: A book club!

We've gotten a few suggestions for what we should be reading for the rest of the season, but not a lot. So, in the comments below, suggest a book for us to read and follow along as we read it all year long. It'll probably be more fun for us to talk about that than to talk about the Chargers, which we will continue to do anyway because we have to.

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Also, if there are any questions you'd like Ben and I to field, but haven't been able to crack the #BoltsBrownBag Q&A system, go ahead and put those in the comments below as well and we'll get to them next week.