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Chargers Bye Week Is Just In Time

Bye weeks are usually the time to heal and regroup. Be for the San Diego Chargers, its' two weeks to forget.

Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

When I checked out the San Diego Chargers 2015 Season schedule in April, I saw that they were given a week 9 bye.

I figured this was a great gift that the NFL Schedule Makers gave to the Chargers. Unlike some teams that got some very early bye weeks, a week 9 bye would be a perfect time to heal some bodies and to recharge a Chargers team right before the stretch run for the playoffs. It seemed like it was just another reason to believe that 2015 could be something special.

Instead, I didn't know that a week 9 bye was given to the Chargers so it could help us forget what happened in all the weeks beforehand.

And there are lots to forget here.

I want to forget about the Jacoby Jones experiment. Boy, I'm not sure why it took as long as it did, but it probably has something to do with analytics. I'm fine with Coach McCoy not finding any use with what the numbers say, but when your punt returner can't even gain the length of his own body in yards, it's hard to dispute that those numbers didn't lie. His release should have been when he hurt his ankle....fair catching a punt.

Speaking of Coach McCoy... I want to forget about all those conservative-time out saving- drives that ended in probably no points and head scratching. Way too many hairs lost from my head because of this man.

I desperately want to forget all those should-coulda-woulda close game losses. For that matter, I want to forget about all those defensive collapses in the 4th quarter. Maybe I just want to forget about all the John Pagano schemes that never seemed to be able stop a team when they needed to most.

I want to forget about all the injuries. The one that has kept Manti Teo out for longer than anyone thought. I want to forget about Kennan Allen's injury. You don't hear about lacerated kidneys much in the NFL. But as I write this Colts QB Andrew Luck has the same injury.  Maybe its the new "in-injury". No pun intended.

How about the injuries to the offensive line. Which was every week. Somebody give that O-Line whatever Joe Barksdale been drinking, though. He's the only one that has not missed a game this year. Can't say I jinxed him, since there is no game this week. (Jinx's only last 1 week... I think). Here's to you Branden Oliver and the other 9 players on Injured Reserve with you and Keenan. And it's only week 9. SMH. So it looks like minimum 1 player on IR a week. Opps.

I'm sure, I'm not the only one who wants to forget everytime a QB dropped back and launched a rainbow down field, and it seemed to be Brandon Flowers trailing the opponents WR. The deep pass has always been Flowers Achilles heel, but knowing that, it seems Coach Pagano doesn't give him help. Maybe Pags Achilles is adjustments.

I want to forget about the 2015 Eric Weddle. Hard to forget about him when he seems non-existent. But it sure seems like he's not there. It's a shame too, because I keep wearing his jersey on game day, hoping he shows up.

Perhaps more importantly, I want to forget about that loss to the Oakland Raiders. That's been the low point of my season so far. Living here in the Central Valley, I know too many Raiders fans and believe me when I tell you they feel like they have dug themselves out of the AFC West cellar for good now. And they are quick to let me know. Every second of every day. That loss certainly proves them right.

This list can go on and on. But I'm gonna cut it short right here because it could go on and on. I'm sure you have your list of things you want to forget. But this article took a turn I didn't know it was going. Instead it seems I am remembering rather than forgetting. And this bye week was given to us by the fine folks in the NFL to forget. So let's put this pity party behind.

In two weeks, let's be ready to Bolt Up!