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REPORT: Malcom Floyd has a torn labrum

San Diego Chargers WR Malcom Floyd suffered an injury on Monday night against the Chicago Bears that will likely end his career.

Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images


Torn labrums don't exactly heal quickly, and the San Diego Chargers only have eight more weeks left of meaningless football this season. Is it really worth it for Malcom Floyd to rehab as hard and as quickly as he possibly can?

A normal person tears their labrum, gets surgery, and goes with a combination of rehab and rest until it heals completely.

An athlete does that, except with a lot less rest. Also, they need to keep themselves (and their shoulder/arm) in peak physical condition so that when the labrum is healed enough (as opposed to healed completely) to get back on the field, the player can get back on the field without risking another injury.

So, for all intents and purposes, this is the end of Malcom Floyd's football career. It's sad, it's terrible, but it's somewhat fitting. Floyd, both on and off the field, was never really meant for the game of professional football. He's meant for much greater things, and I look forward to hearing about him accomplishing those things in the next chapter of his life.