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Open Thread: Chargers lead Ravens 16-13 at halftime

The San Diego Chargers and the Baltimore Ravens have both looked great on offense and terrible on defense, but that's not the story in this game.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

I guess nobody should be surprised that a 2-5 team on the road against a 1-6 team would result in a close game, but it seems admirable that the San Diego Chargers have kept this one tight despite a dozen or so injuries to key players in the first half against the Baltimore Ravens.

A late TD catch by Keenan Allen, who appears like he might be another name at the end of a long list of Chargers injuries, gave the Chargers a 16-13 lead before a blocked extra point.

The Chargers offensive coaches have tried to get Melvin Gordon very, very involved today. He's on pace for 34 touches, if he gets as many carries and catches as he received in the first half of this one, making it the polar opposite of last week's game against the Oakland Raiders.

The Chargers defense has not been worth talking about. Outside of Jason Verrett playing some solid defense on Steve Smith Sr., nobody on the defense has done anything well at all. Hopefully, they find a way to perform better in the second half.